The quality policy of Bodegas Estraunza is aimed at achieving the maximum satisfaction of all our customers, based on our values ​​and principles as a company. We provide all the products and services that our customers demand, always with the highest level of market quality and complying with all current regulations.

As we understand it, our quality policy establishes the essential bases for Bodegas Estraunza to carry out its work and fulfill its mission as a company in a responsible, honest way, and with the client as the center of all our actions.

At Bodegas Estraunza we also know that the quality of service to customers and the internal functioning of the company is not an end in itself, but a path that can always be improved, and that demands effort, perseverance and commitment. Therefore, we continually review our quality standards to ensure that we offer the best possible service at all times.

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